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Baloch armed groups attack Pak forces, killing ‘spy’


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Baloch “pro-independence” groups claimed responsibility for the attacks targeting the Pakistani forces and an alleged “spy” in separate attacks in different areas of Baluchistan.

The Balochistan Liberation Front said in a media statement that its fighters had targeted the workers and machinery of the Frontier Works Organization, a construction company owned and managed by the Pakistani military, in Tump on May 26. BLF spokesperson said that its fighters had completely burnt down the machinery but left the workers alive because they were local Baloch who was working there as labourers. BLF said that it had warned the workers to never work for the Pakistani state again.

BLF said that the Pakistani state, the military and their companies hiring and using local contractors for construction purposes so that they can have fluid military access to Balochistan. The group said that by doing all this, the Pakistani state wants to further entrench itself in Balochistan and provide safe and easy routes for its troops. BLF said that we are well aware of the intentions of the Pakistani state and warned the local contractors and workers to refrain from being a part of this “colonial adventure.”

A tractor carrying water for the Pakistani forces was targeted in an explosion in district Harnai. Local sources said that the unknown assailants planted a bomb near the road where the tractor would later use to transport the water. As the tanker came near, the IED exploded, leaving the tanker in ruins and its occupants dead. The Frontier Corps sealed the area and began looking for the attacker, but they could not arrest anyone. They transported the dead bodies of the tractor occupants to their base.

Later the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility of the attack. Only two days ago, the BLA also claimed responsibility for an attack targeting a cellular tower.

The Baloch Republican Guard, a “pro-independence group”, claimed in a media statement that its fighters had killed an alleged accomplice and spy of the Pakistani forces in Sibbi. The “spy”, identified as Talra alias Tallo, allegedly worked for the Pakistani forces. BRG warned that if the people involved in these kind of activities did not back off, they will be targeted. The group also advised the general public to distance themselves from these individuals.

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