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BRICS, as a whole, can make greater contribution but not necessarily in conflict with international group


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India’s Ambassador to China Pradeep Kumar Rawat said that BRICS countries as a whole, can make a greater contribution to the world, but not necessarily in conflict with international groups, adding that India participates in all the different international events as India can make a greater contribution by actively cooperating with more countries. 
Speaking at a panel discussion “BRICS Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges” as part of the 10th World Peace Forum in Beijing organized by Tsinghua University, Amb Rawat tried to dispel the notion that BRICS is trying to replace other institutions and organizations. “There are also comparisons between BRICS and other international organizations. It seems that some people are saying that BRICS is trying to replace other institutions and organizations, but I don’t think that’s the case. Our aim is to provide more positive ideas and more initiatives for global development,” he said.
Ambassador’s remarks assume significance amid reports that BRICS may expand and enhance its clout to present an alternative alliance of the emerging markets to the West. Iran and Argentina have officially applied to join BRICS. Ambassador Rawat began his remarks saying that these are on his own behalf and reflect his own understanding of the current situation. The discussion was attended by the Ambassadors of Russia, Brazil and South Africa to China. Mr. Rawat congratulated China for hosting 14th BRICS Summit last month. “Now that China is the world’s second largest economy, China still has great potential to contribute further to the world economy,” he said. “In India, many experts say India is not an emerging country, but a re-emerging country. Brazil and other BRICS countries have their own advantages in many ways, he added.”
India participates in all the different international events as India can make a greater contribution
Highlighting the great contribution made by the BRICS countries due to their cooperation, Amb Rawat also noted the challenges faced by the BRICS countries including uneven economic and social development, poverty, lack of access to education etc. “If we divide the world into you and me, you and us, this is absolutely not the original intention of the BRICS countries,” he said.
“We are also working with other international organizations, such as ASEAN, where India is a founding member of the ASEAN summit; India also took an active part in the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and continues to provide its own support to the work of the SCO; India has also set up mechanisms to be able to slow the process of global climate change; India has also been invited to actively participate in the side meetings of the G7 and its summits; We have also taken an active part in the Indo-Pacific economic framework cooperation. “India can make a greater contribution by actively cooperating with more countries. This is why we participate in all the different international events, he said.”
Terming the BRICS grouping as a very unique international organization, Amb Rawat said, it has huge potential to contribute even more to the world, with 41% of the world’s population, 25% of GDP and 16% of international trade. He opined, if the BRICS countries can continue to increase their GDP and provide better health care and education to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, then BRICS members will make a huge contribution to global prosperity and health. If our experience is shared with the rest of the world, we can imagine what kind of results it can produce. 
“Of course, we can make a big contribution ourselves, but we can make a greater contribution by working together. We see the BRICS countries as a whole, we can make a greater contribution to the world, including us and others, but not necessarily in conflict with international groups. So within the BRICS, we must have our own clear goals, he said.” 
New Development Bank, a great contribution by the BRICS countriesSince 2012, we have also contributed to many areas where we can work together further, for example, the establishment of the New Development Bank is a great contribution that BRICS countries have made. India also supports the development of newly developed countries such as Bangladesh and Uruguay. We now organize a lot of activities to support new industries and new companies and release some new documents to strengthen cooperation between SMEs. At the same time, we have also established a BRICS vaccine research center in South Africa. Other areas of cooperation, such as the development of digital economy, can be seen as the contribution of the BRICS countries to world development, he further said.
Chinese media reported his response on the process of expansion of BRICS saying that all the BRICS countries support the process of the expansion as mentioned in the Beijing Declaration. Amb Rawat said BRICS still need to think further, look at the different factors and to see what mechanisms have been created to promote the development of the BRICS countries. He was further quoted as saying that the BRICS group attaches great importance to people-to-people exchanges. 
Talking about concrete decisions taken announced in the Beijing Declaration, Amb Rawat said BRICS has an ‘Action Plan for People-to-People Exchange’ during years 2022-2026 which involves the field of culture, the network of universities in the BRICS countries, BRICS Youth Forum, and a BRICS Media Forum. It’s all starting to move, and you’ll see the results. Eventually we will have further communication in the cultural exchange. We will have better success if we cooperate, he said.


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