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Budget disproportionately benefits the wealthy at cost of salaried class


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The inflation-hit nation is bearing the brunt of massive taxes imposed by the government in budget 2024-25 whereas Pakistan’s elite are enjoying the benefits on tax extracted from the salaried class, according to a report on Sunday.

The report aired by a private TV channel, revealed that the government is showering benefits on the elite while imposing taxes on the salaried class.

Despite the financial crunch, the government is spending on luxurious vehicles and houses for its bureaucrats.

The report questioned how the government can justify spending Rs290 million on the renovation of the Lahore Commissioner’s House and Rs36 million on the Prime Minister’s garden when it claims to have no resources.

It also pointed out that the President’s House has allocated Rs410 million for its employees, while the Special Assistants to the Prime Minister are getting Rs400 million.

Citing a Bloomberg report, the report said that the tax on milk has increased the price by five times, making it more expensive than in developed countries like France, Australia, and others. The price of milk in Karachi is Rs370 whereas in Amsterdam, Paris and Melbourne it is Rs359, Rs342 and Rs300 respectively.

The report also criticized the government’s decision to provide free milk to school children while imposing taxes on milk, making it unaffordable for the common man.

It asked who would account for the burden imposed on the common man due to these taxes.

It is pertinent to mention here that almost all sectors including industrial, exports, transport, construction, real estate and other sectors have rejected the budget and termed it anti-people.

The opposition parties have described the budget 2024-25 as ‘tax-laden’ and ‘IMF-dictated’ and have announced to protest it at all level.

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