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China engaged in border war with India, threatens freedom in international waters: US Senator corners Beijing


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 Freedom in international waters, border war with India and invasion of Taiwan are some of the immediate concerns China poses to the world, Republican lawmaker John Cornyn told the US Senate on Tuesday.

Highlighting the concerns in the Indian sub-continent, Cornyn said the most urgent and grave threats are against countries closer to China’s borders. Pointing out the state of Uyghur Muslims in the Asian country, he also alleged that Beijing is guilty of “gross human rights violations”.

“The most urgent and grave threats are against countries closer to China’s borders. Last week, I had the chance to lead a congressional delegation visiting Southeast Asia to gain a better understanding of the threats and challenges in the region. It (China) threatens freedom of navigation in international waters, and it’s guilty of gross human rights abuses against its own people, namely the Muslim minority Uyghurs. It’s engaged in a border war with India and it threatens to invade the Republic of China, otherwise known as Taiwan,” Cornyn told members of the US Senate.

The Republican made the observations while sharing details of his visit to New Delhi and Southeast Asia last week to take note of the challenges faced by nations in the region.

Cornyn, who is also the India Caucus Co-Chair, and his Congressional colleagues met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 13 where they mutually expressed the desire to enhance bilateral ties to ensure global peace and stability, especially in the Indo-Pacific Region.

The fierce border standoff between India and China exploded on 5 May 5 2020 following a violent clash between the militaries of both countries in the Pangong Lake areas along the Line of Actual Control after the Chinese army came threateningly close to the Indian mainland. However, due to high-level military and diplomatic talks, both sides agreed to gradually disengage and de-escalate tensions in the region.

But, the situation in Taiwan continues to remain grim as Beijing time and again invades the airspace of their neighbouring country and claims it to be part of their territory.

“In every way possible, Taiwan is a stark contrast to the People’s Republic of China. It’s a true democracy, with elections whose results are not predetermined. It’s a free-market economy that adheres to the rule of law, and it shares the same basic values we embrace in the United States – freedom of speech, freedom of press, religion, and assembly,” the US Senator added

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