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Fake Nuclear Bogey of Pakistan


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In a Nuclear war, when you run all simulations, you realize that the first strike is the only strike. No country can afford the enemy to survive to retaliate with a nuclear bomb in return.

So in the event of an India-Pakistan war, if it escalates to nuclear usage, Pakistan has to use 100 nukes in the very first strike so that India does not survive to retaliate with a nuke. And India has to use 20 nukes in the very first strike so that Pakistan does not survive to retaliate with a nuke. Looking at the options of 20 and 100 nukes, probably it would be India, if at all, who initiates the nuclear strike. “No First Use” policy is just a lip-service.

This bogey of forcing cowardice on Indians is an outcome of fake, paid media outlets to kill the confidence of Indians and make them absorb terror attacks regularly.

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