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On Rahul Gandhi’s “Pak-China” Remark, US Spokesperson Said This


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The US “wouldn’t endorse” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s comment in parliament on India’s foreign policy, the State Department spokesperson has said.

Mr Gandhi while criticising the government over a range of issues yesterday had blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for following a flawed policy, both domestic and international, that has led to the creation of “two Indias”.

“Ask yourself why you are not able to get a guest on Republic Day. We are completely isolated and surrounded… You have brought Pakistan and China together and this is the single biggest crime you could have committed against the people of India,” Mr Gandhi said.

On a question by reporters to US State Department spokesperson Ned Price over ties between Pakistan and China in the context of Mr Gandhi’s comment, he said he “would not endorse those remarks”.

“I will leave it to the Pakistanis and the PRC to speak to their relationship. I certainly would not – would not endorse those remarks,” Mr Price said, adding countries are not needed to choose between the US and China. PRC is short for People’s Republic of China.

American partnership, however, has a series of advantages, Mr Price said, adding Pakistan is a “strategic partner of the United States”.

“We’ve made the point all along that it is not a requirement for any country around the world to choose between the United States and China. It is our intention to provide choices to countries when it comes to what the relationship with the United States looks like. And we think the partnership with the United States conveys a series of advantages that countries typically would not find when it comes to the sorts of partnerships that – partnerships may be the wrong term – the sorts of relationships that the PRC has sought to have around the world,” Mr Price said.

Mr Gandhi while participating in the debate on the motion of thanks on the President’s address in Lok Sabha claimed that PM Modi brought Pakistan and China together and called it the “single biggest crime that you could commit against the people of India”.

“The Chinese have a very clear vision of what they want to do. The single biggest strategic goal of India’s foreign policy has been to keep Pakistan and China separate. What you have done is, you have brought them together,” he said.

151CommentsThe BJP attacked Rahul Gandhi over the speech, accusing him of making a “directionless, confused speech” without any understanding of India’s history.

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