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Pakistan Strongly Condemned at UNHRC


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Raising voice against the atrocities by Pakistan  on the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK ), activist Sajjad Raja broke down in tears as he appealed to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC ) to stop Pakistan from treating them like animals. Prof Sajjad Raja, while making an intervention during the 45th Session of the UNHRCin Geneva on Thursday (local time), said that the POK election Act 2020 has taken away all constitutional, civil, and political rights of the citizens of the POK region.
“We the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir plead the council to stop Pakistan from treating us like animals. The POK election Act 2020 has taken away all of our constitutional, civil, and political rights. Our activities opposing accession to Pakistan have been declared anti-state in flagrent violations of United Nations Resolutions,” said Raja, Chairman of the National Equality Party JKGBL. He further said, “We are treated as traitors in our own home simply for defending it. By declaring our political activities illegal, this act gives the Pakistan Army a free hand to assassinate our people through targeted killings and enforce disappearances.”

Raja said that Pakistan is “brainwashing” the young minds on both sides of the border in Jammu and Kashmir, thus, “making them cannon fodder in the proxy war with India”. “Pakistan is brainwashing innocent youth on both sides of the border in Jammu and Kashmir making them cannon fodder in the proxy war with India. Pakistan continues to run terror camps from POK,” he said. Speaking on the recent claim of Pakistan on Gilgit Baltistan, Raja said, “Pakistan is now trying to declare disputed territory of Gilgit Baltistan as its province, thus, depriving our people of their land and their identity and culture. Pakistan’s revisionist moves would throw the whole world into a brutal war.” The professor broke down in the middle of his intervention while speaking on the atrocities being committed by Pakistan on the citizens of the POK region. “Pakistan has taken our freedom. Pakistan placed their boot of tyranny on our throat, suppressing our voice but we hope our voice shall be heard here. We beg the peace-loving world to stop what’s happening to us, break away the chains,” he said.

Another Mirpuri local from Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Amjad Ayub Mirza demanded Pakistan to be tried for war crimes for acts against humanity in illegally occupied Gilgit-Baltistan. in his speech he also demanded for truth & reconciliation commission for genocide of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits.

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