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Pakistan’s campaign to support Taliban flops at UN


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Pakistan‘s effort to get the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan recognised at the global platform was shattered to dust after United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) refused Taliban representative to address its session, instead it invited the representative of the ousted Ashraf Ghani Government.

The world community may continue to deny any recognition and representation to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, in the near future at least, going by the developments during the eventful last week at the UNGA, reported Islam Khabar.

Pakistan aggressively campaigned at the United Nations in support of the Afghan Taliban. It caused anger in the United States, revulsion in Europe and opposition at home for the Imran Khan government.

Analysts say this may harden American stand on reaching economic aid, not just to the Afghans, but even to Pakistan that is struggling to tackle an economy in duress, reported Islam Khabar.

As per analysts, Islamabad has excessive confidence over China and this is why they do not fear the US retribution, but they can never bail out Pakistan’s economy the way America can. And an angry Biden administration can create enough obstacles on road to Pakistan getting any IMF or WB loan, reported Islam Khabar.

Moreover, asking the US to be ‘patient’ and ‘considerate’ with the Taliban amounts to rubbing the proverbial salt on the wound at this juncture after their withdrawal from Afghanistan.
This is especially when the Taliban have displayed doggedness on keeping their own commitment to forming an inclusive government, reported Islam Khabar.

To Islamabad’s chagrin, Russia, China and the US are on the same page on the Taliban having an inclusive government. They have ignored Prime Minister Imran Khan’s harangue about the futility of ‘imposing’ a government on Afghanistan “from outside”.

However, the Taliban have not been helpful. The week during the UNGA debate witnessed hardline Maulana Nooruddin Turabi, in charge of jails, announcing that harsh punishments like cutting off of hand and whipping and beheading of those found guilty would be re-imposed.

Also, everyone agreed that the Taliban ensure that their soil is not used for exporting terror and that they work to form a government that includes ethnic minorities and women.

These diplomatic setbacks at the UN have had direct repercussions at home and have the effect of dampening the prevailing triumphal mood at the ‘achievement’ in Afghanistan, reported Islam Khabar.

Newspaper Dawn listed the Taliban’s numerous faultlines and said that “this intractability may appeal to the Taliban hardliners but it will ensure that their government will not get the recognition they want any time soon”.

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