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Srinagar’s Smart City Projects on Track, Bringing Improvements: SSCL..


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This rebuttal is issued in response to the recent news article regarding the pace of work by Srinagar Smart City (SSCL).

SSCL is currently implementing a total of 168 projects, out of which 90 projects have been completed, amounting to approximately 450Cr. Additionally, there are 68 ongoing projects worth another 490Cr. The downtown area of Srinagar is of utmost importance, and SSCL is actively working on public space improvement, street improvement projects (covering a length of over 25km), as well as illumination and façade improvement projects. One flagship project in downtown Srinagar, Habba Kadal, has recently been inaugurated. All ongoing projects are progressing as scheduled and are expected to be completed before June 2024.

SSCL’s work is carefully planned and diligently implemented, with work taking place during both day and night in two shifts. The comprehensive infrastructure works in the downtown area encompass not only the road surface but also the rationalization of drainage systems, sewerage, communications, and electricity. These efforts will ultimately enhance the quality of life for residents, making it more convenient and comfortable. Although infrastructure works in the short term may cause some inconvenience to shoppers and residents due to necessary underground digging, the works are progressing on schedule. SSCL is focused on creating better footpaths, on-street parking, proper signage, drainage systems, road improvements, lighting, and geometric enhancements.

Regarding the projects mentioned in the news article, the DalGate Gojwara road project is being implemented at a cost of 25 Cr, while the street improvements in Bohri Kadal, Maharaj Bazaar, and Ali Kadal areas are worth 50 Cr. All these projects are over 60% complete and will be finished before June 2024. The combined length of these projects is more than 25 km, which includes road surface improvements and footpath reconstruction. The shifting of underground utilities, drainage works, and other relevant tasks have already been completed, and the top surface work is currently being carried out in double shifts to ensure timely completion.

It is pertinent to mention here that all necessary precautions are being taken on the ground to minimize inconvenience to locals during the execution of these projects. People are kindly requested to cooperate, with the assurance that all projects have specific deadlines and will be completed by the end of June this year.

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