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The espionage war between China and the USA


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The intensity of US accusations of China of China’s use of vast espionage networks behind Chinese intelligence to access information on the intellectual property of American inventions has increased.  With the American assertion that Chinese espionage costs the United States of America more than $600 billion annually in stolen intellectual property.  From here, you will find full cooperation and sharing of information between students, scholars, academics, and even Chinese citizens residing in the United States of America and all its various states with the “Chinese Ministry of National Security”,  and all official and national institutions of the Chinese state, and cooperation with Chinese security agencies, which are fully targeted regularly meeting with Chinese scholarship students abroad, especially in the United States of America.

  Here, we find that one of the most prominent American fears is China’s superior ability to (dismantle all networks of American spies, especially those on the Chinese lands). On the other hand, in May 2022, the United States accused four Chinese intelligence officers of spying on Chinese dissidents, human rights leaders and activists residing on American lands.  This is according to a statement by the US Department of Justice, which confirmed that the US indictment of Chinese spies on the American lands, asserting that the Chinese citizen, “Wang Shogun”, residing in “Queens City, New York State”, has exploited his status within the communities of Chinese expatriates, dissidents and Chinese dissidents to gather information  About their activities for the (Chinese Ministry of State Security), which was completely denied by the Chinese authorities through its embassy in Washington.

  Here, we will find that what most frightens the United States of America about China’s intelligence and espionage operations is the Chinese authorities’ involvement of all their citizens in their intelligence operations, especially toward Washington. The Chinese authorities adopt a globally unique approach, which is that “every Chinese citizen is equal to an entire government and an entire country” in everything related to or directly affecting Chinese national security.  This is mandatory in China under the “Chinese National Security Law”, in cooperation with the People’s Liberation Army in the Chinese state, to assist the Chinese authorities to disclose any information or developments affecting state security or the authorities of the ruling Communist Party.

 Therefore, you will find targeting Chinese security agencies to receive inquiries, direct questions and instructions from all Chinese students studying in various American universities to obtain information that affects their direct specialties for the benefit of their homeland in China. Therefore, the demands of several representatives in the US Congress increased to prevent the granting of visas to Chinese students to study in the United States of America, and even to demand their expulsion, especially those studying in the precise technological and scientific sectors, accusing them of exploiting and sharing their information in the field of their scientific and academic specializations for the benefit of Chinese intelligence.  This was the main reason why the US federal authorities stormed the Chinese consulate in the American city of “Houston” to search and arrest a Chinese researcher accused of espionage, in a dangerous, new and completely unprecedented international precedent.

 The US’s constant fear of all Chinese students and scholars within US academic and research institutions remains.  In addition to the increasing US accusations of the authorities in China of using their students and researchers to harm the US national security, and forcing the Chinese state to its envoys to share their research, information and specializations, especially for researchers and academics in the exact scientific and technological sectors and disciplines. And perhaps most dangerously, it is asking every Chinese citizen, scholarship and researcher abroad, especially in the United States, to monitor and evaluate any Chinese citizen for every other citizen who participates in study, work and research in the same institution in which he works, and obligating him to inform the relevant Chinese embassy and the authorities of his country about any oppositional or unfair behavior  disciplined or upon noticing or suspicious of any attempt to recruit him as an American.

 Because of the increase in those American accusations of China, the severity of the cases before the “US Federal Bureau of Investigation”, regarding Chinese espionage cases increased, to the point that American intelligence reports confirm the existence of an active case related to new Chinese espionage on American targets every 10 hours. There are currently about two thousand active cases, and most of these cases are mainly related to economic espionage activities against China, which the US federal investigations confirm, according to their constantly issued official data, the severity of which has increased by a large percentage.

 According to my available information, the American Intelligence Agency has classified (the Chinese Ministry of State Security) as a primarily responsible for all Chinese intelligence operations, and the Chinese army is responsible for spying toward Washington in the military aspects, and the mutual cyber espionage activities between the American and Chinese sides.

  There are many Chinese intelligence operations against the United States of America at all levels and in the industrial, economic and technological sectors. The most prominent Chinese accusers.  The United States of America spying against Washington, is:

  (Chinese state-owned companies, individual companies of businessmen close to the regime, Chinese research centers, especially those that attract Americans and foreign researchers, non-governmental organizations, academics, researchers and Chinese students from around the world, in addition to Chinese workers in the technology and information security sector to provide the Chinese side with more American cyber moves, and penetration of the most prominent American cyber activities, which are increasing their activities intensively in recent years)   

  Accordingly, he notes the continuous warnings issued by officials of the security services in the American and British Central Intelligence Services of the existence of massive Chinese networks of electronic espionage and electronic hacking programs that exceed the size of the major world powers combined. The CIA believes that these Chinese spying programs are part of a broader, growing, multi-faceted intelligence effort to give China an advantage over its American rival, and to silence everything that threatens the control of the Communist Party of China.

 From the American point of view, Chinese efforts take various forms to maintain its security, including eavesdropping on doors, to hear what is going on behind them.

 In general, CIA officials believe that the people being targeted by the Chinese government are those believed to have links to what the Chinese government described as the “five poisons threatens”, which include:

(Tibetan and Uighur separatists, and the “Falun Gong” movement.  Spiritualists, Taiwan independence activists, most notably Liu, as well as members of China’s pro-democracy movement)

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