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US voices concern over lack of freedom in electoral process..


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 The US State Department has voiced apprehension over observed challenges to freedom during Pakistan’s current electoral process.

Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel, in a news briefing on Monday, affirmed, “We want to see that process take place in a way that facilitates broad participation with respect for freedom of expression, assembly, and association.”

Mr Patel also expressed concerns about “incidents of violence and restrictions on media freedom, freedom of expression, including internet freedom, and peaceful assembly and association”.

“We are concerned by some of the infringements that we have seen in that space,” he added.

Highlighting the significance of citizens’ rights, Mr Patel underscored, “Pakistanis deserve to exercise their fundamental right to choose their future leaders through free and fair elections without fear, violence, or intimidation. And it’s ultimately for the people of Pakistan to decide their political future.”

As the electoral process unfolds, the US State Department remains vigilant, emphasising the importance of a democratic and inclusive process that respects fundamental freedoms.

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