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Uyghurs are starving – How long will the silence last?


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The tolerance of the Uyghurs, whose food and medical needs the Chinese authorities have neglected for more than a month, is beginning to shatter. Uyghurs have been forcefully locked in their homes for more than a month under China’s so-called zero-Covid policy. Now the helpless cries of Uyghurs are breaking the hearts of many.

Video footage on Douyin, a Chinese social media platform, has exposed the deplorable situation of the Uyghurs. In one such video, an Uyghur tells how people have died of starvation, and others are on the verge of death.

Uyghurs in the diaspora have been devastated by the images of the elderly Kinsmen without proper care and a woman who had just given birth, imprisoned in their homes, and left hungry and sick.

Elsewhere, it breaks our hearts to see the wailing of Uyghur mothers who could not bear the pain of their children struggling with a hunger for days.

What does China want to achieve by starving the Uyghurs?

China’s main aim is to exterminate the Uyghurs by various methods. For China, it doesn’t matter if Uyghurs die in concentration camps, quarantine containers, or because of starvation. Once again, China has proven its malice. How?

1. The number of people who have lost their lives to COVID_19 in East Turkestan under Chinese occupation is almost non-existent. There is no need for such severe control. Judging by the incoming images, the quarantine is no longer a quarantine: It has become house arrest.

Covid-19 measures should be there to save people’s lives and prevent them from dying. Civilized states have done this. China, on the contrary, uses Covid as the opportunity to starve the Uyghurs to death.

2. Uyghurs, who have been under house arrest for nearly 40 days, are trying to commit suicide due to hunger and psychological distress. However, suicide is the last resort for Uyghurs. The tendency to avoid suicide is relevant in Uyghurs’ social psychology. They know very well that their beliefs do not allow this. However, China is forcing Uyghurs to commit suicide. The screams “I don’t want to live” and the suicide footage prove it.

3. China is placing compromised Uyghur officials in direct conflict with the helpless Uyghurs to make the Uyghurs hate their nation. It is a kind of psychological bullet.

4. Uyghurs are not allowed to help each other. Judging by the incoming images, we can see the Uyghurs under house arrest and those about to die of hunger living in apartment houses in a city. These people naturally do not store much food in their homes. However, Uyghur peasant farmers working in agriculture have extra food in their homes. It is not difficult to guess that farmer Uyghurs are not allowed to deliver food aid to their relatives in the city. Those who oppose are taken directly to concentration camps.

5. In one video, one hears audio that the woman who had given birth left the hospital with her 4-day-old baby but was not allowed to enter her home. The woman is lying on the floor with her 4-day-old baby. The helpless father cries and explains the situation. Which civilized country mistreats a new mother with her 4-day-old baby? Only a cruel country like China wants its citizens to die.

Will China Achieve Its Purpose?

Since the civilized world has not heard enough about China’s human rights violations, China has always succeeded in its harsh repressive policies against the Uyghurs. The CCP has subjugated more than eight million people under ideological brainwashing, which the free world has merely condemned. China doesn’t care.

The gang rapes of women have been well documented with evidence and witnesses. Still, there was not enough reaction from human rights organizations, women’s rights defenders, or the so-called Muslim or Turkic world. China is continuing its policy. The fact that China has separated 500,000 Uighur children from their families and taken them to children’s camps, has reached the public. A report came out and it was submitted to the relevant authorities. As the free world, United Nations, and human rights organizations took no concrete steps, China continued as usual.

A new oppressive and destructive policy toward the Uyghurs appears almost daily. This time the authorities have used Covid as an excuse. Hunger has become the new method of killing the Uyghurs.

However, this time, unlike in the previous situations, the people in East Turkestan’s Ghuja city directly appealed to the conscience of the civilized world: “Help us, hear our voices,” someone said. He aimed his desperate words at the Chinese administration: “Kill us instead of torturing us like this!”.

The world’s public opinion and political actors always seem to say: We need evidence. There is plenty of sufficient evidence available to someone whose human feelings are not dead.

We have to ask one more time: Will China achieve its goal?
Of course, they can. If the condemnations, press statements, and protests won’t turn into concrete action, China may achieve its goal. China will continue killing Uyghurs by leaving them hungry.

How long will the world remain silent?

This question has been asked many times, yet it needs to be repeated. People who were silent about the Holocaust declared “Never Again” after that great genocide. Since the Holocaust, China’s treatment of Uyghurs has been the biggest genocide of our time.

Right now, they are just watching. With the silence and the world’s public opinion, the so-called Muslims, Turkic nations, and civilized countries are enabling the killing of the Uyghurs.

The world and its civilized states have adopted human rights as their founding philosophy. How long will you keep silent? One cannot repeat “Never Again” and do nothing. What do you intend to say? Because of the negligence of the free world, Uyghurs are dying.

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