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Why is China so afraid of Quad?


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The “Quad”.

It is a group of 4 free and democratic countries. They are India, USA, Japan and Australia. The Quad forms a key part of United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy. Apart from the multi-party democracy being the common link between them, the other common link is the desire to control China.

Why is China the biggest threat to the “Bhartiya Civilization” as a whole ? I Would quote the four reasons

  1. It has a desire to colonialize India commercially. Colluding with its own agents/spies in India, China had made India literally economically dependent on itself. It is no surprise that the trade deficit skyrocketed after 2004-05 and millions of small industries vanished due to influx of Chinese goods.
  2. China also wants to keep India militarily sandwiched. Again during 2005-14 China acquired ports in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan and Africa there by encircling India in the Indian Ocean Region. In this peiod China acquired Hanbantota port in Sri Lanka. China deploying its submarines and aircraft carriers merely 300 miles from India is a great threat militarily which cannot be underestimated.
  3. China also sponsors the Jihadi and Communist/Naxal elements in India with the intention of keeping Indian in a chaotic stage perpetually.
  4. As per J. P. Nadda (President of BJP), China has only invested on Gandhis till date. Remember the MoU between the Chinese Communist Party and Gandhis in 2008.

US, Australia and Japan have their own threats from China. Hence, all have come together.

Why is China scared?

  1. QUAD is not yet a military alliance, but if becomes an ASIAN NATO, then it will become a formidable power. There would be absolutely no chance that China can put up aggressive postures near the Indian border nor can it dream of expanding in Indian Ocean nor can it bully Japan/Taiwan.
  2. All countries will share their military infrastructure thereby increasing the combined military power manifold.
  3. QUAD would also give India a strong opportunity to become a manufacturing power house, as all the other three powers are going for ABC (Anything But China) or OPC (One Plus China) policy. If this plan materializes, then India would break China’s monopoly and India with its talent and population will snatch a lot of market share from China. China’s dream of creating new colonies will remain a pipe dream. The process has indeed started. QUAD is depending on India to create COVID 19 vaccines for the world in order to exert soft power.
  4. If QUAD is successful, then other countries like South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia who are weary of China will form something called “QUAD PLUS”. After the recent QUAD summit, there is a discussion in media about South Korea willing to join the QUAD.

Coming back to India, following communist economic principles was the biggest mistake on economic front, following the “Non Alignment Policy” was the biggest mistake on Foreign policy front.

QUAD is the opportunity to correct the mistake which India can ill afford to miss.

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