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China’s Youth Question Marriage As Domestic Violence Cases Spike: Report


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A series of high-profile domestic violence cases in China has led young Chinese to question marriage, according to CNN.

This includes a killing carried out in broad daylight that was captured on video and circulated widely on social media.

The killing in the eastern province of Shandong came to widespread public attention on Monday after footage filmed by a witness was posted online.

The man in the video is seen repeatedly driving a car over a woman, later identified by police as his wife. On multiple occasions the man exits his car to check whether the woman is still alive, before continuing the attack.

The police in Dongying city in a statement on Tuesday said a 37-year-old man had been detained after he hit and crushed his 38-year-old wife to death over “family disputes.” The case was still under investigation, it added.

By Wednesday morning, the attack had become the top trending topic on China’s Twitter-like Weibo, racking up 300 million views.

Many were appalled by the level of cruelty on display in the attack, which follows two other high-profile domestic violence and homicide cases involving women victims that have caught public attention.

Last month, a man in the southern province of Guangdong stabbed his wife and her sister-in-law to death. The wife had reportedly suffered years of domestic violence and was planning on a divorce, her family told state media outlet The Paper, as per CNN.

Another case emerged last week involving a woman in the southwestern metropolis of Chengdu who said she had spent eight days in an intensive care unit after being attacked by her husband in a hotel room in April, because he found out she was applying for divorce and a protection order in court, according to state media reports. The case came to light after the woman posted about her case on social media, where she said he had attacked her 16 times during their two years of marriage.

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