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COVID-19 Effect: Impact of Coronavirus Far From Over As Families in China Still Grapple With Trauma From Previous Waves


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Families inside and outside of China are still dealing with the
trauma from the first Covid wave even though China has declared the second wave to be over, US-based broadcaster, NBC News reported.
With cases peaking in the days before Christmas, China’s population was
suddenly exposed to coronavirus when the government abruptly lifted “zeroCovid” restrictions in December. After three years of sporadic illnesses,everyone suddenly began to contract Covid.

The majority of these deaths have occurred in the two months since the government lifted its zero-Covid restrictions on December 7 in response to unusually large-scale upheaval. Comparatively speaking, the United States, with a population of around 330 million, reported more than 1.1 million Covid deaths.

The Asia digital editor of NBC News, Jennifer Jett in her article said that a woman who lives in the US, Christmas Eve was
interrupted by the news that her mother — who, along with her father, had been stranded in China since the start of the pandemic —
had tested positive for Covid.

She lost her mother, who was 87, in a hospital in a city in northern China. The woman, who asked for anonymity out of concern for
herself and her relatives inside and outside of China, described the experience as “totally surreal.”

The Chinese government has imprisoned or repressed critics of its approach to the coronavirus, and the international backlash
against China’s handling of Covid has harmed its relations with the United States and other nations, Jennifer Jett writes for NBC

Though her mother’s death came at the height of China’s worst outbreak of the pandemic, it does not appear to have been
counted as being related to Covid. The woman’s parents had been residing in both China and the United States on a permanent
basis for many years.

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